Samples and Writing Credits:
Consumer Magazines

- Growing Big, Eating Right: Good nutrition will serve your puppy well into the future;
Puppies USA, 2011 annual (Please e-mail for clip.)
- Find Your Roots ... Stories and surprises await those who trace their family history;
Executive Travel, May/June 2010 (.pdf)
- Summer of Live! Omar Afra pushes H-Town as a live-music mecca;
Houston magazine, May 2010 (.pdf)
- Boy oh Boy!: HGO and Houston Ballet flutist mans up; Houston magazine, May 2010 (.pdf)
- Turning Sight into Sound: Radio broadcasts of newspapers, magazines enrich lives of the blind; Lion magazine, April 2010 (.pdf)
- Striking Oil: Recalling the old masters, Donley's richly provocative paintings whisper mysteries of violence and sex; Houston magazine, April 2010 (.pdf)
- Truce Grit: An in-demand Houston mediator puts the city on the world map, exporting
a rare and priceless commodity - peace;
Houston magazine, April 2010 (.pdf)
- Amazing Space! (On the ropes, More than "zero," Texas Tuscan style, Top model); Houston magazine, March 2010 (.pdf)
- Cool with Colors: Simply lightening up our roofs and parking lots could save energy
and keep tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere;
Natural Home, January/February 2010
- Q and A with comedian Jim Gaffigan; Houston magazine, February 2010 (.pdf)
- Q and A with pop artist Michael Godard; Houston magazine, February 2010 (.pdf)
- Thank Allah I'm a Country Boy: Meet Kareem Salama, cowboy crooner;
Houston magazine, February 2010 (.pdf)
- Dives Alive! Sparking interest in grassroots grub, top H-Town chefs pick
their favorite hidden-away haunts;
Houston magazine, February 2010 (.pdf)
- Q and A with gubernatorial candidate and Chi Products founder Farouk Shami;
Houston magazine, January 2010 (.pdf)
- Q and A with Bill Maher; Houston magazine, January 2010 (.pdf)
- Annual arts issue (Symphony's Heavenly Heights, Hopping Island, Go Public); Houston magazine, December 2009 (.pdf)
- Public Spectacles: Some of the best private art stashes aren't that private. Peek inside
the city's coolest "semi-private" collections;
Houston magazine, December 2009 (.pdf)
- The Buck Stops Here? (2009 Houston arts fundraising infographic);
Houston magazine, December 2009 (.pdf)
- On the Make: These ten visionaries join Ruck and Havel as artists making an impact;
Houston magazine, December 2009 (.pdf)
- Texas Comeback: A year after Ike, sails return to Galveston Bay;
Cruising World, November 2009 (Please e-mail for clip.)
- Luxury on Lease: Money can't buy love, but it sure can rent a bunch of other cool stuff; Houston magazine, November 2009 (.pdf)
- Light Fantastic: Blending unique Texas landscapes with bright mod shapes, Jimenez has become Houston's "it" architect; Houston magazine, October, 2009 (.pdf)
- Four Score! Sleek and supercharged, these sexy new sedans - yes, sedans - are rocking the road; Houston magazine, October, 2009 (.pdf)
- The Scoop on Poop: How you dispose of your dog's waste affects the environment in more ways than you think; Natural Dog 2010 annual (Please e-mail for clip)
- Indian Summer: A sub-continental explosion of art, food, film and high fashion
is heating up in Houston this fall;
Houston Magazine, September 2009 (.pdf)
- Grown-Up Hide and Seek: Geocaching is a new way to turn almost any trip into an adventure; Executive Travel, August 2009
- Risky Business! Here are the four biggest gambles in Houston real estate - and how they are paying off; Houston Magazine, August 2009 (.pdf)
- Hot 'Hoods (Annual real estate special); Houston Magazine, August 2009 (.pdf)
- Local Brew! Texas produce isn't just for dinner anymore;
Houston Magazine, July 2009 (.pdf)

Trade Journals

- FCC requires faster cell tower approval; American City and County magazine, February 2010
- ARRA helps municipalities expand homeless services; American City and County magazine, January 2010
- Playgrounds as parks: Short on land, cities work
with schools to expand public access to playgrounds;
American City And County magazine, October 2009
- The Reliable Source: The bar behind the
National Press Club;
Bartender magazine, Summer 2009 (Please e-mail for clip.)
- Multiple offers the new norm: Competition returns to slumping markets; Inman News, Aug. 17, 2009 (Please e-mail for clip.)
- Dim your sign, please: Cities adjust ordinances to regulate digital billboards; American City and County magazine, August 2009
- A carrot for scofflaws: Counties offering amnesty programs to cut back on outstanding warrants;
County magazine, July/August 2009

"Great Outdoors" columns

- A very Houston way to cruise: Head to the port for a free boat tour
- Grill time: Memorial Day BBQ tips from a master of mesquite
- Golf without pretense: Pitch, putt and party - the best par 3 courses in Houston
- Real wilderness 30 minutes from downtown: Camp at Lake Houston (with video)
- Disc Jockeys: Join a game of Frisbee at its ultimate
- Houston's best dog parks: Where humans find a party
- Alligator close encounters at the snow geese's Super 8: A Texas safari
- Flying by the seat of their Spandex pants: Inside Houston's velodrome
- How do you honor a larger-than-life friend? Running and remembering Big Wray
- Surf's Up: A spring break for grown-ups
- Splatter sports: Go ahead and shoot your friends (see our video)
- A nighttime ride with Houston's street skate community
- Boating the Bayou: History, nature and 250,000 bats (with video)
- Footy frenzy: An Australian game with all-American style
- Fresh food, friends and fun: Community gardening brings the farm to you
- Kickball isn't just for kids anymore
- Tai chi: Finding tranquility in the open air
- Cyclocross: Downed trees, dirt tracks and grueling hills keep cyclists warm this winter
- Disc golf: All the joys of golf without the plaid or green fees
- Psst! Listen to this to find Houston's hidden charms
- Picnic time: Winter's our reward for bearing the summer heat
- Get out: How Houston's great green spaces grew
- Furry, Furious and Fun: Flyball is relay racing that's gone to the dogs
- For a silly fun good time, let's go hashing
- Go fish: Angling opportunities abound in the Bayou City
- Lost and found in the middle of Houston

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