Who I am:

Like many strange tales, mine begins in Idaho. Whiling away my youth in a town two hours west of Yellowstone, I quickly discovered by passions for writing, travel and the outdoors. Journalism school at the University of Missouri proved a good way to make at least one of those things pay the bills, and I spent my first years out of college pursuing a satisfying career in newspapers.

It seems like 2007 was a bad year for everybody. The Spokesman-Review cut the bureau where I worked, and my mother began to lose a nasty fight with ALS. I moved to Phoenix to care for her until her death. Unsure what to do next, I backpacked around the world before settling in Houston and starting a career in freelancing. These days I live with my fabulous girlfriend in Charlottesville, Va., and escape frequently on my mountain bike when I'm not working hard for my clients.

What I do:

I've written for dozens of magazines, newspapers, websites and custom publications on a wide range of topics that include travel, real estate and the environment. I also produce Web videos and photography to accompany my work. Beyond reporting, I offer editing, proofreading, grant writing, graphic design, digital video production and copy writing for non-profits and businesses in industries I do not cover as a journalist.

Places I enjoy: